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facts about bees and honey

Friday, January 16, 2015

choose the bees area-The first step in the creation of apiaries

the bees area

The first step in the creation of apiaries is to choose the dissolved area, and therefore the specification region ideal for promiscuous are:

1. to be far from the areas in which they are applying pesticides.

2. to be close to a source of fresh water.

3. be easy to transport.

4. to be close to sources of nectar and pollen grain variety, but if the area is arable crop and one can rely in this case on the mobile beekeeping.

5. The floor of the dissolved not be low and wet and with stagnant air, as it should be good drainage.

6. preferable to be in the open fields so that the bumper northern wind is available, as well as shade during the afternoon period in the summer, although this is not possible! Enabled the establishment of buffer wind and planting deciduous plants in the dissolved ground such as mulberry trees, which allow the passage of sunlight for the cells in the winter to warm it up as mulberry trees shading works on cells in the summer.

7. entrances that cells be heading south or southeast to receive sunlight early and avoid the cold winter winds.

8. be dissolved and ground entrances cells it clean of weeds and other obstacles that hinder Suruh bees and entering the cells.

9. be far away as possible from the housing, and that is not possible, it can be dissolved enclose the area to two meters high wall to be Suruh bees above the level of the heads of passers-by.

10. honey bee comb for distances of up to about 2,500 yards (1800 meters approx.) To collect nectar, but the effective distance that brings them the nectar of the store it in the cell is about 800 meters almost no one kilo Mitr.oy bees wander in the effective area from all directions estimated circle with a radius of 0.8 kilometers ie 500 acres and it is almost as agricultural cycle, the third of this space are flourishing arable crop (alfalfa or cotton, for example) and because the per acre floral bear from 2: 1 range for the production of honey so it:

● An estimate for the number of communities that will be created in the region by flowering space available on the number of denominations of 20, 50 or 100 or more, so it may be no more than absolutely 300 per cell in the dissolved.

must be dissolved away from the other dissolved 2 km in order to compete with on the same flowers does not happen.

● Whenever after nectar source for dissolved whenever Bee entry of increased consumption of nectar where they consume during the one-hour flight from about 10 mg of sugar.

● In general, the acre planted with fruit produces enough nectar to number 1: The Cell 2 acres of alfalfa or cotton, the production of nectar covers the needs of 2: 3 cells.

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  1. If it is very important that the area is water for the bees to drink and on sunny days can cool off, to others must have shade to avoid overheating and the bees work more to ventilate the hive.
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  2. Thank you my friend for sharing this information