Beekeeping scientists - facts about bees and honey

facts about bees and honey

Friday, January 16, 2015

Beekeeping scientists

Beekeeping scientists:

Abbott, Charles Nash, 1830-94 
Charles Pryce 1893-1973
Prokopovitch, .B.E. 1775-1850

Pellett, Frank Chapman 1879-1951



Dade, H. A. 1897-1979
Dadnt family

Dzierzon, Revd Dr H.C.J  1811-1906

Doolittle, Joseph Garrica 1856-1933

Digges, Joseph Garrice 1856-1933

Dyce, Elton James 1900-1975

Demuth, George s. 1871-1934
 Deyell, Mossom John

 Langstroth, Lorenzo Loraine (1810-1895)

 and more...

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