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facts about bees and honey

Wednesday, December 24, 2014

b umble bees

umble bees
  1.  The humble bumble bee is a slow and gentle insect much unlike its cousin the honey bee. Indeed they are never in a particular hurry as they go about their business collecting pollen in the gardens and surroundings that they live in.

  2. If you happen to come cross a bumble bee nest that is in your garden or backyard, then you will not suffer any misfortune if you just leave them alone. It is when you aggravate them that they can get angry and come out with the aim of attacking those that have angered them.

  3. There are three different kinds of bumble bee which are significant in their family. These are; the female worker bee, the queen bee who is the head of the bee family, and the drone bee, which is the male bumble bee.

  4. They are fuzzy in appearance and will measure up to an inch in length and will also make a loud buzz as they go about collecting the pollen in an awkward and labored fashion.

  5. You will find that they are quite easy to find as they are quite large bees compared to other types of bees and can be quite ponderous and slow in the way the go about their business. Their yellow and black coat also marks them out particularly in the summer and early autumn time.

  6. Did you know that once the queen bee has found somewhere to nest, she will gather pollen and nectar before laying her first eggs? She will then seek to incubate them by sitting on them and shivering her muscles to keep them warm

  7. Cuckoo bumble bees do not have workers of their own, as each cuckoo species will seek to attack another species of bumble bee.

  8. They are thought to be very beneficial insects as they will seek to pollinate crops and plants.

  9. They are extremely social bees and will live in large families.

  10. They will look to nest in the ground but will often be found above ground around decks and patios. However, their nests have also been found in places such as attics and under roof beams. If disturbed they will defend their nests aggressively.

  11. Indeed, if you make them angry they will look to pursue aggressors of their nests for great distances and if you have the misfortune to be stung, their sting is extremely painful with swelling and irritation lasting for days.
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