is honey good for you - facts about bees and honey

facts about bees and honey

Sunday, September 14, 2014

is honey good for you

why is honey good for you
There are some really great natural products on the market that can help you healthwise. One of these natural products is honey. Nowadays it seems that you hear about everything known to man that can help with your overall health but so often the old classic is forgotten, that is honey. So, why is honey good for you? Let's take a look at some of the benefits that you receive from eating it.

What is honey?
Honey is made by a colony of honey
It is a sweet syrupy substance produced by honeybees from the nectar of flowers bees living in a nest (in the wild) or in a hive if kept by a beekeeper. most of them workers, industriously making honey!

how do bees make honey?

The first step in making honey begins when field bees fly from flower to flower collecting the sweet juices or nectar that a flower provides. With their tongues, the field bees suck out the nectar and store it in sacs within their bodies. After filling their sacs with these sweet juices, the field bees fly back to their bee hive and regurgitate the stored nectar into the mouths of house bees.

These house bees are assigned the job of adding enzymes from their bodies to the nectar. The enzymes cause the water in the nectar to evaporate-thereby turning the nectar into honey. Lastly, the nectar is stored in a cell of a honeycomb. Overtime, the nectar ripens and becomes honey.
Collecting Honey
Most honey is made in big honey farms. People who keep bees for their honey are called beekeepers. They keep their hives near the flower fields.

is honey good for you
why is honey good for you?

because  it is a kind of food that gives us energy to walk, run, think and play. Honey contains vitamins. Vitamins help to keep us healthy. Honey is very good for us, so it is used in lots of things we buy in the shops. People use honey in breakfast cereal, cakes, biscuits, barbeque meats, and even shampoos and cough medicines.

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