can diabetics eat honey - facts about bees and honey

facts about bees and honey

Sunday, September 14, 2014

can diabetics eat honey

can diabetics eat honey
can diabetics eat honey

1- honey Benefits
honey is the sweet syrup  which is beneficial for the treatment of many diseases and also, to improve the immunity to maintains good health more...

 what is diabetes ?
diabetes is pancreas insulin deficiency, which is not produced sufficient or put to good use. Basically disruption of metabolism, especially that of carbohydrates. Sugars and starches ingested cannot be used, and hence eliminated in the urine. Diabetes symptoms include frequent urination, extreme thirst or hunger,  fatigue, weight loss ,infection, and numbness.

Components of honey:
Honey contains a high amount of fructose and glucose monosaccharide that provides high glucose energy and improves the body's immunity to fight the virus infects wounds and serious diseases.

The honey is beneficial for diabetes patients Because he Reduces pain and cough â € "Honey is also useful to treat common cough and cold in winter. Cough and colds occurs because of low immunity and honey improve immunity to fight cold and cough common. honey is also beneficial to the body pain that occurs during the winter season.

and provides energy to our body. honey is beneficial to take when weakness and fatigue for instant power., Is good to take a spoonful of honey with milk for energy when you get tired or weak.

"can diabetics eat honey"...

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