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Friday, September 12, 2014

do bumble bees sting?

Do bumble bees Sting?

Answer: 1
Do bumble bees Sting?

Yes, bumblebees have stingers, and yes, it hurts (not bad though). Unlike honeybees, but the bees tend to be less aggressive and less likely to bite than, for example, a wasp. In addition, unlike bees, bumble stingers not shake their bodies, and have no irritating toxin that bees have (although hypothetically could sting multiple times

if it really bothers trial).

Answer: 2
Do bumble bees Sting?

Also, if I may add, a bee can sting Bumblee so often (wrongly) as he loves like a wasp, but a bee die after biting you. However bumblee bees are not as aggressive as bees or wasps.

Answer: 3
Do bumble bees Sting?

The answer is yes, sometimes, but not often and only females.

But it hurts less or more than a bee? The answer remains illusory - in part because people feel pain differently and partly because they are so rare that the collection of a large body of opinion on the subject seems almost impossible.

Here are some facts, however, are not illusory.

Bee sting gaffer is softer and less iron teeth of a bee sting. This, apparently, could be good or bad. The absence of barbs can sting more easily removed quickly - useful if you try to keep the bee venom in your system. But according to sources, the bite can also provide good bumblebees sting many times.

Namely, a British specialist who has spent years studying notes bumblebee species to their astonishment that they have never been bitten once. (1) Despite the queen bees and workers are able to.

less painful

The bumblebee sting is usually less painful than a bee or wasp. However, unlike these insects, the sting of the camera is not barbed, but retracts back into the body of the bee after use. Consequently, bumblebees can sting more than once during their lives.

But there is another key difference in this area between bumblebees and other bees. Only the female bee has a stinger. Males of the species sport genital capsule for the purpose of reproduction, where the dart is located normally. These caps vary from subspecies subspecies and at a microscopic level are often used to distinguish between different types of drones.
No deaths

Another advantage of the design of the apparatus no barbed female bumblebee sting is related to last much longer. (2) When the non-breeding female bees sting something, your device gets stuck in the dam due to the design of barbed wire. Like the bee tries to break free, the sting and poison sac broken his body, causing rapid death. Not so for the bumblebee, for the simple reason that their bite is not caught its prey.

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